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The most commonly used casino slang terms

If you just joined the gambling field then you will get to know few gambling terms. There are some gambling terms and phrases used by the casino and gamblers. If you want to stay longer in the gambling field then you must have to learn gambling terms and phrases. You can use as it is one of the best gambling sites and help you to learn gambling terms very easily.

The gambling terms can not be learned in a day, it will take some time. So you have to be very patient and absorb things slowly in the gambling field. You have to try your best to practice with because without practice it will be very tough for you to play gambling games. These are few common casino slang terms that every gambler must know:

  • Bankroll 

The bankroll is used to denote the money used by the gambler to play gambling games. You will use the bankroll whenever you tell someone about the money used to play gambling games.

  • Chips 

When you visit any casino to play gambling games then you must have to buy the chips from the casino. You have to go to the cage and then buy the chips from there with the use of money.

  • Cage 

A cage is a place where you can buy chips to play gambling games. You can also convert the chips into cash before leaving the casino. Every gambler must have to visit the casino to buy the chips.